Has “The Mexican Pharma” Become a Scam?

The Mexican Pharma - A Scam?We have been contacted by one of our members to investigate what certainly is looking like a scam. The once reliable “The Mexican Pharma” at themexicanpharma.org recently lost its credit card processor. In simple terms, they could no longer receive credit and debit card payments from customers, claiming they were in the process of signing up with a new processing company. Many of their clients have been buying their drugs from The Mexican Pharma for many years, so that when they requested that they (the clients) authorize a payment for the medications from their PayPal account, most, dependent on their services for their medications, did so. New complaints are cropping up on their Facebook Page. These complaints seem to be quickly deleted by The Mexican Pharma. While at this point this is simply an investigation, and this article a way to insure that complaints are not deleted by The Mexican Pharma, there does appear to be enough evidence of a potential scam to warrant our investigation.


Their problems appear to have started, according to their website, on Monday – January 12, 2015 when they wrote:

“We are facing troubles with our automatic credit card payment system, for that reason we need your understanding and cooperation until we solve this situation. We have available a Deposit/Transfer and offline credit/debit card as payment methods.”

 Thank you for your understanding

Here is one story claiming a scam we picked up on their Facebook page:

Joseph Souza 1 star We have been a customer for over 2 years. I would have given them a five start rating, then suddenly they could no longer take credit cards. They asked for a PayPal payment, which we did. We have sent 3 emails to them over the past 20 days with no response. We are going to give them 24 hours to show the drugs are in route, and if not, contact PayPal to reverse our payment. You should take this same action if you have the same problem.

We have documented numerous phone calls and emails asking the status of long overdue, paid orders that have remained unanswered. When we tried to get a phone response from them, we got a message in Spanish that said we would be answered shortly and then hung up. We tried this repeatedly with same result.

If you have had a similar experience with The Mexican Pharma, please leave us a comment after this story. We will require the date of your order, payment type/date and any specifics you may want to add.

While we usually take on stories about corrupt U.S. officials and corporate executives, we have begun this investigation as it appears that The Mexican Pharma is targeting primarily U.S. Citizens.  If this proves true, we will be filing complaints with the U.S. and Mexican authorities as well as the appropriate payment processing companies to black-list The Mexican Pharma and reimburse victims for any monies illegally obtained by The Mexican Pharma.

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8 Responses

  1. Seth says:

    It has been about month (Feb. 14th) since I paid for my order from themexicanpharma. I have not received any responses to emails asking where the package is. Just today I finally see tracking information. Would you like to know where the item is currently located? Mexico City! Where is this company located? Mexico City! That’s right, it took these jabronis a month to bring my package to the local post office! I’m one and done with these ass clowns.

  2. Jay says:

    I also paid for product from themexicanpharma over a week ago. I sent a few emails with no response. Finally when I said I want my money back they responded with tracking number that comes up “not found” on the postal service website. Should I worry? Or will I get my product weeks from now when I’ve already bought elsewhere?

  3. Tom K says:

    The Mexican Pharma is certainly a scam. I have bought from them in the past. I recently (February 11, 2017) placed an order with them. The requested a wire payment, which was completed on February 16, 2017. Since then, I’ve requested updates from them many times but have not received a single response. This “pharmacy” does not exist.

  4. Joel says:

    Total scam.

  5. Tom K says:

    I eventually received my order, about a month later. Most frustrating was the lack of communication. If they had responded to my requests for information, I wouldn’t have been so upset. Going forward, though, I’ll use a different pharmacy that has better customer service.

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