Pamela Geller: Juan Williams Is A “Bleachers Kid”

Jaun Williams, The Bleachers Kid

Juan “Bleachers Kid” Williams

Of course you know what a “Bleachers Kid” is! During gym, we were excited when it was time to play dodge ball. But there were the kids who weren’t excited to play dodge ball, the ones always picked last for the team, but only if the gym teacher pulled them out from behind the bleachers. You know, the“Bleachers Kids”.

Juan Williams was probably one of those kids. While the “Bleachers Kids” pretty much kept quiet in school, they grew up (kind of) and the Internet has given them voices. It is the voices of these “Bleachers Kids” that are being heard, just like that of Juan Williams, asking us to respect the “rights of Muslims”, to not “hurt their feelings” and to be “politically correct”. The truth is, Juan and these kids think that the same “hide from the ball” attitude, if they are very acquiescent, will protect them from a Muslim taking off their head. History makes crystal clear: they are wrong. You’d better find a better place to hide, Juan Williams.

Bill O'Reilly Fox News: You're Wrong About Pamela Geller

Bill O’Reilly Got It Wrong

It’s well known that Juan Williams was fired from NPR for his comments about Muslims and given more time on Fox News (thanks to Bill O’Reilly) to promote Fox News’ “Fair and Balanced” image. However, Juan still makes us wonder if he really is a coward, running away from reality. Ever wonder what Juan would say if the “Sharia Law Police” came to his door to take his family away for not converting to Islam? Would he say, oh please, I am a progressive who has never offended the Qur’an? Or would he be thinking, I wish I had listened and bought a gun? Our guess, Juan Williams would just “walk into the ovens”, too scared to say anything. Well at least no one would ever call him a talking head, as he wouldn’t have one.

Donald Trump - Loves To Hear Himself Talk

Donald “Dough Boy” Trump

Bill O’Reilly, Juan Williams and Donald Trump all actually criticized Pamela Geller for holding a cartoon contest of Muhammad event because it was “provocative” and might upset some poor Muslims, Muslims who would kill them, or any of us, in a second simply because we are not Islamic. You damn fools! While Juan and Bill may be playing their part on Fox News, and Donald Trump is a “Brand” like the Pillsbury Dough boy, what they’re saying is far more dangerous than anything Pamela Geller has said. They are openly trying to weaken our 1st Amendment rights just like others have done to the second amendment. And that should scare the hell out of anyone who has read history. To Bill O’Reilly, Juan Williams and Donald Trump, while I would love to tell you to shut up, I would never do that because you have an absolute right to express your opinion, no matter how stupid and repulsive I think it is, because this still is America. The real question is, will America ever recover from the damage of Obama remaking America into the Dreams of my father. I once thought it possible, but when people like O’Reilly start questioning the motives of Pamela Geller rather than looking at the thousands of brutal murders made in the name of Islam, justifying it by stating it may offend our good Muslim friends, I doubt it.

And Bill O’Reilly, are you out of your mind thinking we have Muslim friends like Saudi Arabia? Who do you think financed most of the attacks on us? It was citizens of Saudi Arabia.

Pamela Geller Pushes Back and Muslems Don't Like It

Pamela Geller Pushes Back

If it were not for the Texas Police Officer with his gun killing the two Radical Muslims armed with AK47 Rifles, they probably would have killed many Americans. I’m sure that Juan Williams and the Bleachers Kids would be justifying those probable deaths with the same faux apologist rhetoric they are using now, thinking that apologizing to the perpetrators rather than the victims will somehow spare them when the sword comes down on their neck.

We hope this Texas Police Officer, like the Sergeant-at-Arms in Canada, both who saved incalculable lives, set an example to the many other good police officers now under attack from our Government. What is even more troubling is that the attack on our police is coming from the top, right out of Obama’s mouth. To our police, please continue to protect the public, keep your guns loaded and your aim straight. And for the rest of us who may not be fortunate to have the protection of a trained police officer around when we need it, keep your guns loaded and your aim straight.

So what do you think Juan Williams, is it time to get a gun, or have you converted to Islam?

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