Lightning Property Management’s 4th Complainant Comes Forward

Lightning Property Management's 4th Victim Comes ForwardLieutenant Leonard Cosby of the California Oceanside Police Department, in a series of exclusive emails with the United States Watchdogs, updated us on the the state of the case against Attorney Lorraine Rosenfeld and her company Lightning Property Management, also of Oceanside California. Lieutenant Cosby wrote that Assistant District Attorney, Anna Wynn, has been assigned to the case and stated that District Attorney Wynn was an “excellent attorney and very good at these types of cases”.

Detective Michael Provence, also of the Oceanside Police Department, was the lead Detective on the case. He coordinated with the California Department of Real Estate who also did their own investigation which included a full audit on Lightning Property Management’s business records. These investigations began after a very detailed complaint was filed with multiple state agencies. While the original complaint took some time to find the proper jurisdictional authority, it ended up in the capable hands of the Oceanside Police Department and Detective Provence.

The only recipient of the complaint who would not go forward with a full investigation was the California Bar Association. The California Bar Association stated that Attorney Rosenfeld was acting as a real estate agent when she allegedly embezzled funds from her senior citizen clients. They appeared to ignore the facts attested to in the Complaint, and for which numerous witnesses testified, that Attorney Rosenfeld used her status as an Attorney to lure in senior citizens as clients for Lightning Property Management.

This appears to be a clear pattern of the California Bar Association concerning Attorney Rosenfeld. The California Bar Association had investigated Attorney Lorraine Rosenfeld on five prior occasions. In all five investigations, Attorney Rosenfeld was found to have committed the actions that were the subject of the complaints. Yet the California Bar Association “punished” her by issuing verbal reprimands and for the most egregious of her actions, they suspended her sentence. See the full story.

Thanks to the Oceanside Police Department, the efforts of Detective Michael Provence and the California Department of Real Estate, the complaints whose victims now number four families, is in the hands of the San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, who assigned the case to Assistant District Attorney Anna Wynn, who we believe will be prosecuting the case.

We here at the United States Watchdogs Network are proud that our stories have helped in getting other seniors abused by Attorney Lorraine Rosenfeld and Lightning Property Management to come forward and be added to the complaint. If you feel you have been taken advantage of, or had funds embezzled from your rental account by Attorney Lorraine Rosenfeld or other members of Lightning Property Management, please contact Detective Michael Provence of the Oceanside Police Department at (760) 435-4808. If you prefer to file by email, you can leave a comment here and we will provide you with Detective Provence’s email address. Above all, please don’t feel that you should have “known better”. This was not your fault.

How to protect yourself

Lieutenant Leonard Cosby of the Oceanside Police Department has also informed us that retired Oceanside Police Officers, Tom Heritage and Shirl Tyner, are available for seminars with your group to inform you on how you can better protect yourself from predators and those who are looking to steal your identity. Please use our contact page and we will forward you Retired Officer Heritage’s email address.

One of the Complaintants has notified us here at the United States Watchdogs Network that since the Complaint has been filed, accompanied by the coverage it received on the United States Watchdogs Network, Attorney Lorraine Rosenfeld has removed all of her contact information from various web pages related to her status as an Attorney. These pages now state in capital letters “RETIRED“. Lightning Property Management’s webstite and advertisements have also vanished from the web and its phones have been disconnected.

We will be contacting San Diego Assistant District Attorney Anna Wynn to get the status of the case from the District Attorney’s Office. We will be reporting that information in our next story on the Complaint against Attorney Lorraine Rosenfeld and Lightning Property Management. We have specific questions for District Attorney Wynn as to any available restitution for the alleged victims of Attorney Lorraine Rosenfeld and Lightning Property Management. We believe they all deserve their money back, don’t you?

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  1. Gary Gahn says:

    I followed the stories about Attorney Lorraine Rosenfeld with interest.
    I am a client of hers regarding legal matters and I am unable to conatct her at this time. All her office numbers are not in service and I son’t know where I can get help to find and contact Attorney and Real Estate Broker Lorraine Rosenfeld. Please help and forward Detective Provence’s email address to me.
    Thank-you very much,
    Gary Gahn

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