BLM California: Violates Federal and State Law?

Proactive U.S. Freedom NetworkThe U.S. Watchdogs has opened yet another investigation into wrongful and allegedly unlawful acts by the Bureau of Land Management. Danielle Chi ([email protected], (916) 978-4649), Acting California Deputy State Director signed the document entitled: “Notice of Intent to Change Fees in Campgrounds on Public Land in the Bishop Field Office, Inyo and Mono Counties, California”, (FR Doc. 2015-32039 Filed 12-18-15; 8:45 am, BILLING CODE 4310-40-P).

What is so appalling about this fee proposal is that it was either specifically targeting Whites and Senior Citizens or it demonstrates a level of incompetence that is hard to believe even in these times. White Senior Citizens are asked to pay a 300% rate increase while, what appears to be to the BLM and Ms. Chi, a more acceptable

Danielle Chi, Deputy Director California Bureau of Land Management

Danielle Chi BLM

group of racially mixed visitors are only asked to pay a 10% – 15% increase in fees.

If this sounds unbelievable, that a Federal Agency could have orchestrated such a plan, all we ask is that you see the facts for yourself. The BLM wrote it, Danielle Chi, Acting Deputy State Director signed it and the Federal Government published it, even if it was buried. Their document can be read here. The breaking stories by the RV Hobo Network are here.

In our investigation we will be concentrating on the alleged violations of State and Federal Law by the BLM, specifically the California Regional Office.

Here is our letter to the California Regional Office of the Bureau of Land Management, Danielle Chi ([email protected], (916) 978-4649), Acting California Deputy State Director. The letter is also available in its entirety here. We believe it speaks for itself.

Danielle K. Chi, Acting Deputy State Director
Bureau of Land Management
California State Office
2800 Cottage Way, Suite W-1623
Sacramento, California

Ms. Chi,

You are herein notified that we are opening an investigation into the content of your document entitled:   Notice of Intent to Change Fees in Campgrounds on Public Land in the BishopField Office, Inyo and Mono Counties, California” (FR Doc.2015-32039 Filed 12-18-15; 8:45 am], BILLING CODE 4310-40-P that was signed by you as; Danielle Chi, Acting Deputy State Director.

It appears that the RV Hobo Network, whose stories on this matter are spreading like wildfire, is handling the alleged absurdity and prejudice of your proposed fee increases. However, it is the indicated violation of State and Federal law that our investigation will undertake. We have specific questions as to the motivation behind your and your office’s actions. Said actions appear to be unlawfully targeting two distinct groups. This can be easily verified or denied if you just answer these simple questions:

  1. Are you aware that the vast majority of those who purchase an LTVA pass are Senior Citizens?
  2. Are you aware that the vast majority of those LTVA visitors are white?
  3. Are you aware that non-LTVA visitors to your campgrounds are racially mixed?
  4. Did these factors drive your proposed 300% rate increase for White Senior Citizens, while your 10% – 15% rate increases were for what certainly appears to be more to your standards, the more fashionable, racially mixed visitors?

As we can almost guarantee you that this story will be picked up by many national news outlets, we would hope you answer our questions. We will be publishing part one of our investigation into this matter shortly. We would be happy to include your side of the story, but will also not have a problem stating that Danielle K. Chi, Acting Deputy State Director, refused to answer our questions.

This document will be made available at

[email protected]

Sent: via email: [email protected],
Dated: September 27, 2016


Stop this rate increase dead in its tracks HERE.


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