Optima Tax Relief Founder’s Dad Issues A Public Warning!

Wealth on the Backs of Mexican-Americans?

Is Jesse Stockwell making his wealth off the backs of Mexican-Americans?

After interviewing Jesse E. Torres III, the Dad of Debtmerica LLC, Optima Tax Relief LLC, LoanNow LLC and SuperMoney LLC’s Founder, Jesse Stockwell, (aka Jesse E. Torres IV), we have been tirelessly working to protect consumers, since, as Jesse Stockwell’s father has said, “I’m embarrassed at how my son made his wealth and from whom he made it”.

Reprinted with permission from optimataxrelief.biz. See their story here.

The founder of the Freedom Network, a retired marketing executive, wrote a couple of negative, but fair and verifiable posts, regarding Debtmerica LLC. He then watched how fast they disappeared from the Internet, which prompted him to start digging around. He concluded that Jesse Stockwell’s various companies owned or controlled what content about them showed up on the Internet. He also noted that all of the positive posts about his companies looked to him to be written with a familiar pen.

The Freedom Network’s Founder contacted Jesse Stockwell’s father to hear what he had to say about his son. Jesse Stockwell is estimated to have spent well over a hundred thousand dollars in lawsuits against his father, the result of one was to literally throw his father into the street. He was responsible for evicting his father from the very properties which are under contractual agreement to his father, from monies agreed to be $1.6 million that he (Jesse III) loaned his parents.

The Freedom Network’s Founder decided to come out of retirement and make it his mission to be sure that the true facts are published about Jesse Stockwell and his companies that are designed to exploit those of us who get into financial trouble, whether it be with credit cards or taxes. They also appear to be in the high-risk loan business, according to their website, loannow.com.

How the IRS describes so called tax relief companies:

Tax relief companies use the radio, television and the internet to advertise help for taxpayers in distress. If you pay them an upfront fee, which can be thousands of dollars, these companies claim they can reduce or even eliminate your tax debts and stop back-tax collection by applying for legitimate IRS hardship programs. The truth is that most taxpayers don’t qualify for the programs these fraudsters hawk, their companies don’t settle the tax debt, and in many cases don’t even send the necessary paperwork to the IRS requesting participation in the programs that were mentioned. Adding insult to injury, some of these companies don’t provide refunds, and leave people even further in debt. Full Story

Fox Business did a full story entitled “Don’t Become a Victim of a Tax-Relief Scam“:

If a company promises to easily lower your tax bill, experts warn to look twice to avoid being scammed.

The IRS is increasingly starting to probe consumers that skipped paying taxes during the financial crisis to get owed funds, and it’s prompting an increase in tax-relief scams.

“Tax scams are alive and kicking,” says Mitchell Freedman, a certified public accountant in Westlake Village, Calif. “More and more people are being caught up in them.” Full Story

These are just a couple of stories about how these Tax-Relief Companies spend big dollars, even hiring past-their-prime celebrities to make their pitches for them. Caveat Emptor“Let the buyer beware”.

Be sure to visit the newest members of the Freedom Network, optimataxrelief.biz and jessestockwell.net.

Do you feel you have you been a victim of a Debt Company, Tax or Credit Card, no matter? Be sure to see our exclusive story on Getting Your Money Back From Debtmerica LLC? which applies to all of these companies.

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