Debtmerica LLC Managing Partners and others asked to deny published facts

This story is part of our exclusive series about Pro Se Litigants. Case: Torres v. Torres

On The Record

Some of our articles contain facts less than flattering to certain individuals and/or companies. On, it is the facts that matter, not the identity of the person exposing them, nor the status of whom they expose. We always state when something we published was a conclusion based on the facts presented. We always give the other side a chance to respond. In this case, we stated in our articles that, before we officially announced this website and began advertising, they would be given such an opportunity. We gave them that opportunity.

Over the last 48 hours, our reporters have sent emails to the parties listed below, giving them an opportunity to deny any of the statements made about them in those articles. We offered them a chance to present facts that refuted what we published. The only stipulation was that they comply with the standards set forth in our Contribute Page just as the contributors of the original story did. Basically, any claims must be based on verifiable facts.

For example, when we were addressing the character of  Jesse Stockwell in the Torres v. Torres Case, it became obvious to us that Jesse Stockwell and his mother Joanne Stockwell had conspired previously against the Plaintiff Jesse E. Torres III, Jesse Stockwell’s father and Joanne Stockwell’s ex-husband, of the “Impeachment of Judge Shirley R. Lewis” fame. We published a statement that was well supported by history that Jesse Stockwell, then Jesse E. Torres IV, the founder and managing partner of Debtmerica LLC, and his mother Joanne Stockwell, known at the time as Joanne Torres or Joanne Stockwell-Torres, claimed that they did not know the whereabouts of Jesse Stockwell’s father, on Federal Student Loan Applications. Yet, there are airline tickets and pictures of Jesse Stockwell and his twin brother, Joseph J. Torres, with their father in Northern California. Jesse Stockwell’s father was in a joint venture with a Novell Affiliate in Northern California at that time. It is obvious that Jesse Stockwell and Joseph J Torres spent many holidays and summers in Northern California with their father. Pictures show that those stays included trips to San Diego and Baja Mexico.

It was not a stretch to come to the conclusion that if they did in fact falsify their loan documents, that act would have significantly increased the amount of any Federal Grant Jesse Stockwell (Jesse E. Torres IV) received. Federal Grants do not have to be repaid.

Jesse Stockwell, Debtmerica LLC’s founder, like all the others listed below, were advised of our stories and given a chance to respond. We included an offer that we would publish their comments as a featured story, showing that the original story was false, as long as their comments could be verified. We weren’t going to bury the retraction on page 13. See for yourself the emails we sent to then, links provided below.

We know our readers are smart enough to conclude why they didn’t respond.

Here are those contacted, a link to the stories and a link to our email to them.

  1. Jesse Stockwell of Orange County, California (A.K.A. Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse E. Stockwell) Debtmerica LLC Founder and Managing Partner – (email) (stories)
  2. Mary C. Torres of Falmouth, Massachusetts (A.K.A. Mary Carmen Torres) – (email) (stories)
  3. Soft As A Grape of Wareham, Massachusetts (email1, email2) (stories) – Note: Soft As A Grape was only contacted with questions concerning the use of corporate assets by Mary C. Torres, their bookkeeper, to communicate with the Defendants’ Attorneys at Wilkins, DeYoung & Carter of Hyannis, Massachusetts and others concerning the Torres v. Torres Case.
  4. Joanne Stockwell of Falmouth Massachusetts (A.K.A. Joanne Torres, Joanne Stockwell-Torresl) (email) (stories) – Note: We just located the email address of Joanne Stockwell and are giving her time to respond.

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