Bishop Bureau of Land Management Under Investigation

Steve Nelson Supports Free Camping for illegal aliens

Steve Nelson Bishop BLM Field Manager

A complaint was filed with the U.S. Watchdogs concerning alleged serious infractions by two Rangers working at the Bishop Field Office in California, Ranger Becky L. Hutto ([email protected], 760-872-5008) and Ranger Chris Mason ([email protected],  760-872-5000). The complaint and inquest were sent to the Bishop Field Manager, Steve Nelson ([email protected], 760-872-5011), and separate inquests to Rangers Becky L. Hutto and Chris Mason. Among others, two of these alleged infractions exceeded the standards to meet the guidelines published by the Justice Department as Conspiracy to Influence an Election: Department Of Justice Guidelines.


Incompetence or mismanagement cause BLM LTVA to announce fee increases from $180 to $900?

The U.S. Watchdogs’ reporters and staff have sent numerous documents outlining the charges to Steve Nelson, the Bishop Bureau of Land Management Field Manager (person in charge) asking that he investigate these charges internally or the U.S. Watchdogs would do so, and in a very public forum. The Bishop Field Manager has not replied and refused to answer our questions. Was this his way of pleading the 5th?

It is apparent that the Bureau of Land Management Headquarters, located in Colorado, is taking the matter very seriously, as it visited the website to examine the documents in this matter many, many times. All of the correspondence in this matter is available at where it can be examined first hand. This is in accordance with the U.S. Freedom Network standards for full disclosure in all investigations.

Bishop Field Manager Steve Nelson, has been asked very pointed questions about the actions of his Recreation Ranger Becky L. Hutto that range from:

  1. Was she plumbing without a license? She allegedly shut down the drinking water system for three days at a LTVA (Long Term Visitors Area) campground where numerous Senior Citizens went without water during this period. She was also charged with introducing bacteria into the drinking water system as she left the system open and underground for three days and never flushed the line with chlorine. It seems trivial to mention that she then buried the pipes without checking them for leaks. Isn’t Bishop Bureau of Land Management Field Office Recreation Director Becky L. Hutto #1 when it comes to water conversation and visitor safety? What do you think?
  2. Bishop BLM Under Investigation

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    Did she order and install razor-sharp rodent deterrents? These devices were installed around campground trees at a height that made them a danger to pets, children and visitors to the campgrounds. These deterrents are illegal under State and Federal Law as well as in violation of OSHA standards, and yet as our picture clearly shows, they are throughout the Bishop Bureau of  Land Management Campgrounds of which Ranger Becky L. Hutto is the Recreation Manager. Thanks for looking out for us Becky! Its nice to know we get great value for the  $52,715.00 a year us taxpayers pay you while your neighbors in Bishop, CA average $25,443. Maybe its time to start hiring locally? We’ll leave it up to you, do you think it could it get worse?

  3. Did she order a camp Host, who was dependent on the job directly supervised by Ranger Becky L. Hutto, to remove any writings or stickers supporting ‘TRUMP’ from his personal motor scooter? She is also charged with allegedly conspiring with Ranger Chris Mason to enforce these illegal acts that not only violated the Host’s Constitutional Rights, but violated the guidelines published by the Justice Department as Conspiracy to Influence an Election, available here: We anticipate that this is a Class A Federal Felony. However, it will take more than the sworn witnesses’ affidavits and testimony to prove these charges because, unlike the poor host whose Constitutional Rights appear trampled by Ranger Becky L. Hutto, she has rights provided to her by her union and an attorney paid for by, you guessed it, us taxpayers.
  4. And lastly, did Ranger Becky L. Hutto hire a campground host who had recently served 17 years in prison for murder? When the clear policy of the Bureau of Land Management is to run background checks on Hosts, how did Ranger Becky L. Hutto, who is reportedly paid $52,715.00 a year, miss this? Could the reason she was so quick to hire him be that if she couldn’t find a host, she or her fellow rangers would have to clean the campground bathrooms themselves?

What has apparently been going on at the Bishop Field Office for some time has finally been uncovered. Field Manager Steve Nelson ([email protected], 760-872-5011), Ranger in charge of Recreation, Becky L. Hutto ([email protected], 760-872-5008) and Ranger Chris Mason ([email protected], 760-872-5000), have all been sent letters (emails and faxes) asking for their side of the story. None of them have answered these very serious charges against them, nor have they denied any of the charges made against them. Could it be they think they are above the law?

Please see to see all of the questions that these three supposed public servants  refused to answer. See just how deep this goes. Part two of this series is right around the corner.

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