eBay Pres John Donahoe: Let Them Eat Crumbs

eBay's Pres John Donahoe: Let Them Eat CrumbsAfter receiving what will shortly be the same documents as those prepared by the eBay Equalizer, as well as the investigations being conducted by this and other US Freedom Network blogs, eBay’s President and CEO, John Donahoe, sent an email to the eBay seller featured in our series (see stories listed below) stating that eBay had reversed the outcome of the case.

eBay’s President and CEO John Donahoe sent this email through what appears to be his personal assistant, Beatrice Simmons, who answers legal emails on his behalf, or at least she signs them “eBay’s Office of the President”. The seller, according to the email, was being granted the appeal and refund of $132.10 as “a onetime courtesy”, not as a matter of law and due process.

eBay's founder Pierre OmidyarThis almost sounds like a white Obama. And like Obama, Donahoe appears to think giving a few crumbs to us little folk will make us forget about our due process rights and keep us satisfied and quiet. Donahoe also added that the seller will still have to pay the return freight and eBay fees, keeping a little jingle in eBay’s pockets. Was this policy the brainchild of eBay’s Founder, Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎), and perhaps the reason Donahoe is so reluctant to change the policy?

Of note, eBay has been given the opportunity to respond with as much additional information as they would like, and has thus far declined.

This story is part of our series about eBay, which, with its new “Money Back Guarantee”, has been accused of lining its pockets on the backs of its small sellers, individuals like your grandma and grandpa, who are selling a few personal items. This new policy has facilitated a new generation of predators who are preying on these small sellers, many of whom are apparently seniors. See: Is eBay’s “Money Back Guarantee” facilitating scams against seniors?

William (Bill) T. Ward Jr. of Huntsville Alabama, known on eBay as bill256, has been accused of being one of these new breed of predators. HHuntsville's William T. Ward Jr. Accused of Being eBay Predatore is the eBay buyer who, through his nefarious acts, brought the eBay Money Back Guarantee scam to the attention of the US Watchdogs. See Huntsville’s William T. Ward, Jr. Accused of Being eBay Predator. Mr. Ward has refused numerous requests to deny these charges.

What follows below are both the summaries and links to the full documents of the communication between eBay’s President and CEO, John Donahoe, by his agent, Beatrice Simmons, and the unhappy eBay seller. The documents are redacted to protect the privacy of the seller, a senior citizen .

Shortly, we will be running a poll to see who you think has more disdain for us little people, Obama or Donahoe.

The Trail of Documents

Even after eBay received the following letters that were faxed to eBay’s hidden fax numbers and sent by certified mail, there was no response from eBay:

The 1st document sent by the seller to eBay.

March 4, 2015: Any and all electronic payments are herein rescinded. In this letter the seller sends legal notification to eBay that he is rescinding any and all authorizations whereby eBay can withdraw monies from their accounts. (He also removed these same authorizations electronically from eBay, PayPal and notified his bank. See How To). Further, his letter states that if eBay does not provide a fair and impartial hearing as required under law, specifically the due process clauses of the 5th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, he would be filing a lawsuit against eBay for said violations. This letter clearly laid out the specifics of his appeal as well as the violations of law that he believed eBay had committed, including, he believed, that the actions of eBay and PayPal formed a criminal conspiracy, for which they could be at risk, the new home of th eeBay Equalizer. for the filing of both criminal and civil R.I.C.O. (Racketeering) charges. Lastly, this letter notifies them that if they do not change and provide true hearings when disputes arise between buyers and sellers, that he would authorize the use of his KodeGen AI code generator to aid users in filing lawsuits against eBay for their violations. Clearly stated was that the “eBay Equalizer” would include a small claims complaint for each user’s state, discovery documents, including interrogatories, production of documents and motions and would further generate any required deceptive and misleading trade practice letters and filings.

Above the Law: eBay’s founder and officers apparently believed that they were above answering to their clients and that they were above the law, hiding behind layers of attorneys. They only took notice of this seller’s case when they heard he was a computer scientist of almost forty years and was providing the U.S. Freedom Network with the design and license to convert one of the most powerful AI-based code generators ever created, called KodeGen. It would allow the production of small claims complaints, comprehensive discovery documents and demand letters. They apparently took notice, but they did not respond.

The U.S. Freedom Network sends eBay notice that their founder and top officers would be named personally, eBay responded within a few hours.

eBay Equalizer, eBay violates your right to due process, don't let them get away with it!March 6, 2015: eBay Equalizer will name eBay and PayPal officers personally. But I believe the real concern here for eBay et al. is the “eBay Equalizer” and its creating thousands of complaints against eBay, PayPal, Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎), John Donahoe, Dan Schulman and other officers, who we believe have pierced the corporate veil.”

Pres Donahoe in C.Y.A. letter, refunds some money but keeps freight and return fees; does so only as a “courtesy”:

March 6, 2015: eBay’s C.Y.A. letter to the seller, eBay’s President and CEO John Donahoe deposits, as a “one time courtesy”, the amount of the original transaction into the seller’s PayPal account. He does not offer any changes to eBay’s policy, which has been described as on the cusp of being criminal in nature, nor does he offer to refund the return shipping charged to the seller or their return fee. In both our and the seller’s opinion, this was a cheap attempt to buy the seller off.”

Seller responds to Donahoe:

March 11, 2015: The seller informs eBay’s President and CEO John Donahoe that the funds he sent to the seller would be donated to charity. That he would not pay for any return freight charges nor any return fees. He makes it crystal clear that eBay acted outside of the law and that their contract with sellers is a moot point as eBay and PayPal, no matter how omnipotent they believe themselves to be cannot, through contract language, circumvent state and federal laws. He also states that when eBay agrees to waive said charges, he would reauthorize payments to eBay, payments which would exceed the charges they wrongfully assessed. It appears that there are some of us that believe in doing what is right.

eBay “Eat It”

eBay's "Eat It" makes sellers eat deliberately destroyed returned items lining eBays pockets.Sometimes a picture tells the whole story. Even when the buyers show a monitor received in perfect condition (see photo left) and it is returned in the shape seen here (photo right), eBay, apparently to keep its advertising in tact in order to fatten its profits, tells unsuspecting sellers to “Eat It”! We wish it was monopoly, so we could say to eBay, “go directly to jail”. Your thoughts?

What’s Next?

In the last letter to eBay’s President and CEO, John Donahoe, the seller was clear that if eBay did not rescind the return freight charges and return fees, the seller would be taking the next legal step and sending eBay and Donahoe et al. a demand letter as required under Massachusetts General Law 93A, section 11. If eBay and Donahue et al. decide to stay in their Ivory Towers and ignore this legal letter, they will be subject to double or treble damages, costs and attorneys fees. This letter will be used in the eBay Equalizer template so that eBay, PayPal, Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎), John Donahoe, Dan Schulman and other officers, may soon be receiving thousands of these letters.

Or, eBay can put into place a real program to resolve the inevitable complaints between buyers and sellers. eBay must stop their “blue smoke and mirrors” practices, period.

Tell eBay your “not going to take it anymore” – KloudKover.org!

It’s coming, and soon. A new website to help us lil-folks fight back against this new class of dictators created by web monopolies. Just as the industrial revolution of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s created a new class of elitists, the web has created companies that look like, act like, but they ain’t no duck, but are just as bad. The U.S. Freedom network is creating kloudkover.org so we can fight back. See the fantastic story on the usfreedomnetwork.com eBay Seller Protection at KloudKover.org for the details. : Right around the corner is ebay.kloudcover.org, the new home of th eeBay Equalizer. You stand alone no longer.

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