Judge Joseph F. Johnston: The Cowardly Lion of Massachusetts

Has Judge Joseph Johnston disappeared into thin air?If you’re like most followers of the Justina Pelletier story, you probably can’t see any logic whatsoever for what has happened to her and her family. It has become very clear to us that, it’s always about the money, and in Massachusetts, politics is money.

We promised to find and publish the names and pictures of all of those involved in the Justina Pelletier case, and we believe this story is a good start, but we promise even more information in our next story.

Breaking Story: Is Judge Joseph Johnston part of “Bundy Ranch?”

While we can certainly see why so many news outlets call the Justina Pelletier case a “kidnapping”, and we can’t say we disagree, our focus remains on exposing those who were responsible and making them accountable for their actions.
We will also give you many reasons why we call Massachusetts the most corrupt state in the Country.

It’s hard to find information on Judge Johnston when the State itself is covering it up.
(Wasn’t that the same tactic used by Stalin?)

Let’s start by pointing out what no other news site has: where did the information about Judge Joseph Johnston go? It was posted on the official Mass.Gov website, but the information about him, including his picture, have all disappeared. Anyone who thinks about this should be both shocked and afraid. As you can see for yourself if you search the Mass.Gov website, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has hidden all information about “The Cowardly Lion”, Judge Joseph F. Johnston. Here is what Lawyers Weekly posted about Judge Joseph F. Johnston:

By: Mass. Lawyers Weekly Staff July 9, 2001 Circuit Justice Juvenile Court Three Center Plaza Suite 520 Boston, MA 02108 (617) 788-8542 Born: 1958 Year admitted to bar: 1985 Year appointed/elected: 2001, by Gov. Jane Swift Education: New England School of Law, 1985 Fitchburg State College, 1980.

When a person is proud of his actions, he rightfully stands up and takes a bow. When a person is caught with his hand in a cookie jar, he can choose from two paths; run and hide, or admit his mistake, and hopefully not make the same mistake twice. When people choose to run and hide, or worse, repeat their mistake, that speaks volumes about the content of their character.

Judge Joseph P. Johnston, courtesy of ItemLive.com

Judge Joseph Johnston

Update: Thanks to one of our researches, we have found a picture of Judge Joseph F. Johnston.
Understanding that in Massachusetts, Judges seem to believe they are anointed not appointed, is it really a leap to see Judge Johnston, the Cowardly Lion, both run and hide, and then repeat his mistakes? What would you do if a criminal came into your house to kidnap your child? Just like in the old movies, the bad guys still wear black.

Who do we think we are? Do we have the audacity to think that Massachusetts judges are paid to do the right thing, to protect those who need their protection, not line their or their friends’ pockets? Sometimes courage is required, Cowardly Lion, even when it appears intimidating when those with their Harvard Degrees tell you what to do. After all, Cowardly Lion, Fitchburg State College may not have the prestige of Harvard, but it’s not that bad a school.

Now, the rest of the cast…

How much does Dr. David Demaso make per kidnapping?

Dr. David R. DeMaso

What is obvious to us is that this was and is all about the big money received by Boston Children’s Hospital’s Psychiatry Department, (affiliated with Harvard University) and the head of psychiatry, Dr. David R. DeMaso, MD. We are rightfully judged by with whom we associate, and Dr. DeMaso should be no exception. He lists Dr. Joseph Biederman, MD on his Harvard Catalyst page as “Similar People” to himself.

Dr. Joseph Biederman, MD is the eminent inventor of pediatric bipolar disorder. You’ll see shortly why this is important.

If you have questions of Dr. DeMaso or would like to let him know your opinion, he can be contacted at Boston Children’s Hospital at 800-711-4644. If you know Dr. DeMaso’s home phone number or his address, you can send it to us anonymously via our contact page.

Dr. Philip Hickey, Phd.

Philip Hickey, PhD

The Good Doctor

Retired Psychologist is one of the many Doctors and Physiologists who writes for Mad in America. He stated what many Psychiatrists and Doctors agree with as to Dr. Biederman’s controversial ‘invention’:

“This is the bogus diagnosis that legitimized the prescribing of neuroleptic drugs to children as young as two years old for temper tantrums”

While Dr. Biederman’s “invention” could be debated, his selling his drug recommendation to the highest bidder is not. Dr. Biederman got caught on record offering to sell his lofty Harvard credentials to the highest bidder:

Dr. Biederman, is on record, promising Johnson & Johnson a positive result for their drug Risperdal, “if they would fund his study“. 

Dr. David “Hubris” Biderman

Dr. David Biederman, the 'Pusher Man" forces drugs on children

Dr. David Biederman

While the list goes on and on concerning Dr. David Biederman of Massachusetts General Hospital, we believe the real question here, in this matter, is the ethics, character and motivation of Dr. David R. DeMaso and the others from his department in the Justina Pelletier matter.

So we ask again, why does the head of Boston Children’s Hospital psychiatry department, Dr. David R. DeMaso, list someone with such a questionable past as “Similar People” to himself? We say again, it’s always about the money in Massachusetts, one of the most corrupt states in the country.

Speaking of corruption, see what Psychology Today and The New York Times have to say about how Dr. Biederman has become rich scamming the system and drugging our children.

Is it just us, or does Dr. Biederman conjure up memories of the song, “The Pusherman“?

If you have questions of Dr. Biederman or would like to let him know your opinion, he can be contacted at Mass General (ain’t tenure grand?) at 800-711-4644. If you know Dr. Biederman’s home phone number or his address, you can send it to us anonymously via our contact page.

And the band plays on…

Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Haydrich

Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Haydrich

Dr. Deborah Waber

Dr. Deborah Waber

According to pubmed.gov, a U.S. Government website concentrating on published medical papers, Dr. David R. DeMaso is not the only Doctor of Boston Children’s Hospital’s “Leadership Team” with ties to the infamous Dr. Biederman. PubMed lists as coauthors to Dr. Biederman: Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich (7 articles, as recent at 2012); and Dr. Deborah Waber (3 articles, as recent at 2012). Let’s call this psychiatric team, “The Psychs”, (no we didn’t say Psychos), who sure appear part of the now infamous Boston Children’s Hospital’s alleged “kidnapping ring”.

Dr. Gonzalez can be reached at his office at 617-355-6680, Dr. Deborah Waber can be reached at her office at 617-355-6523. If you know their home phone numbers or address, you can send it to us anonymously via our contact page.

How politics work in Massachusetts

G.I. Dukakis

You have to understand how Massachusetts Works…

For this story to make any sense, you have to understand that Massachusetts is a one-party state. The political machine in Massachusetts is the only way into political office, and is how many of its members make their living. It includes some of the most famous and liberal universities in the world, all of which are part of the long established Massachusetts inner circle of power.

Palms are greased and appointments made, not on one’s ability, but for one’s support. The Massachusetts Political machine’s influence ranges from the blue-collar jobs handed out in public works departments, right up to the Governor’s office. When you think of Massachusetts politics, think THE BIG DIG

The Plot Thickens…

Dr. Alejandro Flores - Where was he?

Dr. Alejandro Flores

Justina Pelletier was sent from Tufts Hospital to Boston Children’s Hospital for a consult with a former Tufts’ Doctor, Dr. Alejandro Flores. While we can’t tell you what a gastroenterology consult is, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t a Psych exam.

To quote Dr. Hickey’s article, “Within 24 hours, the Boston Children’s Hospital psychiatry department hijacks Justina, rejects the Tufts Doctors’ diagnosis, substitutes a “diagnosis” of its own, files a medical abuse report with the Massachusetts Department of Child and Families (DCF) and supports DCF’s petition to have Justina made a ward of the state”. Does it make you say, “what the hell just happened?”

No one seems to mention Dr Flores’ non-action in all of this. Where was Dr. Flores? Didn’t he have an obligation to protect his patient? Did he ever see his patient when she was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital?

Why don’t you give his office a call and ask him: 617-355-6058. If you know his home phone number or address, you can send it to us anonymously via our contact page.

Follow the Money…

Follow the money...It appears that Dr. Biederman’s willingness to sell his endorsement is not the only way to make money in the medical biz in Massachusetts. It is a fact that Boston Children’s Hospital makes a great deal of money on every child, like Justina Pelletier, who are court-ordered to remain in their care.

While the amount of information published about Justina Pelletier’s case was overwhelming, no one connected the dots.

Consider this:

  1. Health Insurance Companies are almost guaranteed to NOT pay for the services provided by Boston Children’s Hospital’s “quackery” department, when a competent medical diagnosis has been presented.
  2. The Taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts don’t have an option, they have to foot the bill when the “quackery” is Court Ordered.

It’s fair to assume that the only way Boston Children’s Hospital is going to keep the beds filled in their Psych ward is:

  1. With rich patients who don’t need insurance and actually buy into their “quackery”, or
  2. By wards of the state where, by Court Order, the Massachusetts Taxpayers foot the bill.
  3. Let us not forget that Dr. Biederman’s disciples, Dr. DeMaso, Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, Dr. Deborah Waber and more, will all be out of work if those beds aren’t filled.

So the question becomes, if there are a limited number of rich patients, how do you get children into those empty beds thereby keeping the Doctors employed as well as getting the Taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to foot the bill?

An Alliance Forged in Hell

An alliance Forged In HellWhat we found particularly alarming was one of the points that Dr. Hickey’s article made, namely, just how finely tuned this whole “child hijacking” scam is between the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Psych Team, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (under investigation on other charges), and the head of the snake, the Massachusetts Courts and their “anointed not appointed” judges.

What’s even scarier is that Judge Joseph F. Johnston is not even on top of the long list of bad Massachusetts Judges!

First Justice Paul J. Liacos

Justice Paul Liacos

Coming in Part III: See if you agree as to how and why the First Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court was appointed, apparently only after retracting his own legal opinion. How the Massachusetts Judicial Conduct Commission dismissed complaints they never saw, but were caught on tape. Why Massachusetts was in the news for over two years as its citizens fought to Impeach another of its corrupt judges, Shirley R. Lewis. How the Massachusetts Courts’ corruption has virtually destroyed many of its citizens who are not part of its one-party machine. Most importantly to this story, how many other victims there are who, just like Justina Pelletier, were kidnapped from their parents by Order of the Massachusetts Courts.

Child Hijacking: a Simple Plan

A Harvard Degree doesn't get you common senseFor a bunch of Harvard graduates, this “child hijacking” scam appears to be a pretty simple plan. When combined with their hubris and sense of entitlement, they had every reason to believe their plot would never be uncovered. Why should they worry when juvenile legal proceedings are held behind closed doors and they have judges like Joseph Johnston writing out gag orders faster than “The Psychs” write out a prescription to drug active children.

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), formerly the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, is rumored to have been so corrupt that it had to change its name. All evidence shows that DCF’s “recommendations”, when combined with Harvard Degrees and the Power and influence of Boston’s Children’s Hospital, were followed to the letter by Massachusetts judges like Judge Joseph Johnston.

The Big Dig vs. The Pelletier Conspiracy

The Big Dig vs. The Pelletier ScandalWhat should really scare all of us is that this was about the money, not about a child’s welfare. When the infamous BIG DIG prosecution took place, it showed corruption at the highest levels of Massachusetts Government. Yet it does not compare with this apparent criminal conspiracy designed to take young children away from their parents for monetary gain.

What is even worse is that the Pelletier case is not an isolated case. There are many more families like the Pelletiers, who, to make the rich richer, also had their children stolen from them. We will be reporting the stories of the many other families who had the same experience as the Pelletiers. Good parents who, when their children were sick, sought out quality medical care only to have their children taken from them. Can you imagine how that felt?

Accountability for their actionsWhile we wait for the citizens of this country to become so outraged that they reform our judicial system, it’s time to bring back public accountability for one’s actions. The social workers, the judge, the doctors, all, according to the Boston Globe, are now hiding from their actions, all with the full power of Massachusetts’ highest enforcement division, its “State Police” (kind of says it all).

We are asking for the phone numbers and addresses of those who were willful participants, willing as long as they were hidden behind closed doors that is. It’s time for peaceful demonstrations in the streets in front of their homes and offices, a time for society to demand answers of them for their actions. When a judge, like the cowardly judge of Massachusetts, has the pure audacity to denigrate a father defending his daughter, when it was the judge’s own order that yanked her from his arms, it’s time for the power of public opinion. Quoting ABS News:

The four-page ruling slammed the family for verbally abusing hospital caregivers by calling them “Nazis” and accusing them of “kidnapping” and “killing” their daughter, according to a copy obtained by ABCNews.com.

mossolini-hanging-by-feetSince when can someone be penalized for speaking the truth? If anyone still reads our history, ironically Massachusetts History, they publicly exposed people for their actions with Stockades and Scarlet Letters. When those in power believe they are untouchable because they have the full power of the state behind them, with reliance on armed State Police, let us remind them of the power of the public with a thought; Mussolini hanging by his feet in the Town Square as those he once oppressed spat on him as they walked by.

Justice tempers violence. It’s time for Justice.

An Invitation to Judge Joseph F. Johnston

Is Judge Joseph J. Johnston the Cowardly Lion of Massachusetts?

To Judge Joseph F. Johnston: we understand that, as part of the code of ethics in Massachusetts for judges, you can’t speak on the record (forgive us for snickering at that bit of irony). However, if you read the pages under our About Menu, you will find that we have strict security policies and procedures in place as well as software products designed to protect the anonymity of our reporters and our sources. They never know the others’ location or real name.

We are openly offering you or one of your supporters, a “Freedom Drive” and an anonymous account at no charge. Our stack of security programs can defeat almost any surveillance, including most government surveillance. We will provide you with encryption technology three times greater than that required by the U.S. Military for Top Secret Documents.

Tell us any part of our story that wasn’t true and we will retract it. Tell us new information and we will publish it. One thing, like any story sent to us, you will have to comply with our publishing guidelines, where stories have to be backed up by evidence. You will be treated just like any other party wanting us to tell their story. Don’t worry, the fact that you’re a Massachusetts judge won’t give you any less credibility than a normal citizen.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for a Judicial Overhauling. Help put a safety net in place for the removal of bad judges like the Cowardly Judge of Massachusetts, Judge Joseph F. Johnston.

A tip of the hat to the Boston Globe who had the courage to buck the Massachusetts single-party political machine when they originally broke the Pelletier story. To Dr. , PhD, who broke with the medical brotherhood in his article and spoke the truth. To the national and local Fox News outlets and Boston radio. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. Now let’s make sure it can’t happen again by making Massachusetts judges subject to recall. What bears repeating is that it’s way past time for a Judicial Overhauling.

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12 Responses

  1. Dave Rose says:

    Good on you folks! Wow! I hope you get more details. These people need to be arrested…

  2. ppatch says:

    Are you also going to address how Justina arrived at the hospital, that first day, in an ambulance, well beyond just needing a gastro consult. She was taken to the hospital, by her parents, in an ambulance because she was so ill. That fact keeps getting buried. Why was she so ill she had to go in an ambulance? A simple consult can be handled with a clinic appointment, not an appearance in the ER via ambulance.

    Also, freedom of speech is great but angry, hostile speech on a repetitive basis can be a sign of an abusive personality. Could the judge have the idea that the Pelletier parents are abusive partly due to their verbal abuse of not only BCH staff but many other medical personnel they’ve worked with over the years? They have a long history of this.

    These are two facts that the Justina Justice people never seem to address.

    • admin says:

      Dear ppatch,
      Thank you for your comment. We were not going to let your comment through, not because of your opinion, but because it does not meet our criteria of basing your comments of verifiable facts. We actually decided to let your comments up for a week, against our policy, and despite the facts we’ve uncovered. We want to give you an opportunity to show evidence of your claims. For example, the Ambulance Trip, why was she in the ambulance, and the reports that show this long history of verbal abuse you claimed. We have bent over backwards because we do believe in freedom of speech, and angry speech is how this country got started. Now, backup your statements, or we will take them down in a week. And please, if you are associated with the Hospitable, Courts or others who are receiving public scrutiny, that’s OK, we want your side of the story, just man up and say so.

  3. Howard Davis says:

    You are right on the money with this article. My sister and her family had a nearly identical experience with all the same players 16 years ago. This is not a new game plan for these people. They are raking in millions at the expense of families.
    Thanks for publishing this article. I am passing it around everywhere!!

  4. Kate Svagdis says:

    Excellent article. No one else has the guts to write this. Please keep us informed. Massresistance.org (781-890-6001) sponsored HD 1412 to free Justina. No legislator would do that, so it had to come from the people.

  5. Deborah L Cressler says:

    It is with my understanding on the events from other posts and sources that Justina had the flu. Now someone with a bad case of flu in normal circumstances may not be sick enough to be hospitalized and taken by ambulance, but someone like my husband has been taken by ambulance before when he had the flu and he was so weak that he could barely stand. I know when I was in high school I had flu so bad I was in bed for a week and thought I was going to die. Her GI problems would have exacerbated the problems with the flu and it most likely would not have taken very long; so to say that she went to the hospital already not walking is not something that has bearing on the care her parents gave her. With the treatment she has been denied, in my opinion, she has had her health deteriorate. If she had been treated and was able to see her previous dr that was working there, she would have been able to regain her strength and vitality. They did not let her see Dr Torres, nor let the family consult with him. This is like having a brain surgeon of great renown employed by a hospital, then putting a great wall around him and no one may see him or consult with him. How stupid did this make the hospital seem. The top of the pudding you have an ER dr decide that it is all in her head, even though BCH has a mitochondrial dept; what good is this dept if your drs don’t believe in it I wonder. I say follow the money for the research, unwilling guinea pigs are needed and Justina was drafted. Her parents and others that have had children yanked away are the ones who are suffering. MA is the one paying for this mess they have allowed to happen with no oversight, it is time for people to take a good look at what is going on.

  6. Irene Cornell says:

    I am so pleased that I found this site! You all are doing a great service!
    You gave me insight on so many of MY questions – I have found this case
    to be so despicable. Hard to believe that in my great country, such a travistry
    is ongoing. I am 89 (and, actually, was born in New Bedford – an Army brat),
    and, see such ludicrous stories daily that, at first appear inaccurate or maybe
    incomplete, but, as things unwind, it is just another miscarriage of justice!
    Bless you for all you do – keep up the good work!
    Irene Cornell

  7. LeoTheLion says:

    ppatch should be ashamed.

    To leap from the fact that Justina was transported to Childrens by ambulance, to the conclusion that she was seriously ill, to the further insinuation that her illness may have been brought on by the negligence of her parents, is as logical as suggesting that ppatch may have been Judge Johnston’s roommate at one of those institutions of higher learning (Fitchburg State or New England School of Law) which taught the learned judge to reason so logically and to express himself in such clean, spare, pellucid prose.

    And where is ppatch’s evidence showing that the Pelletiers were verbally abusive to medical staff. And if there is such evidence, of what relevance is it?


  8. nancy says:

    Great article. I had a hard time following the money but your article helps and I know I need to share this with others. Did you ever find out why Dr. Flores did not see her in the ER?

  9. Michael says:

    I happen to love both these posts written for Justina:
    This woman (The Improper Adoptee) writes about getting rights for people that are adopted but she is also very anti-psychiatry and has written some posts on her blog about “psychiaquacks” as she calls them. Good reading all around. Justina’s nightmare is touching everyone and I predict severe civil unrest if she is not out of there soon, which is all the powers that be deserve anyway.

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