Debtmerica LLC: New York A.G. Bureau Of Consumer Frauds Findings Obtained!

The Woodshed: discipline the old fashioned way.In the United States Watchdogs exclusive series, we have uncovered the original New York Attorney General’s Assurance of Discontinuance with “Respondant” Debtmerica, LLC, dba (doing business as) Debtmerica Relief. This in our opinion shows the past predatory practices by Debtmerica LLC, leaving us with the question of how they only paid $200,000 in restitution and costs on $1.2 million collected in fees from New York residents. What was even more astounding was the connection and fee sharing exposed in this document from the Attorney General with other so called debt relief companies.

A BIG kudos to our volunteer investigator who found this document! This was not an easy task, as you might imagine, as documents unflattering to Jesse Stockwell’s companies have a way of disappearing from the Internet. Thanks again for this great find that may help those from other states, described as victims by the New York Attorney General, get some of their hard earned money back like the New York Attorney General did for the Residents of his state.

The Debtmerica spin, once in, is out. They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and got spanked! We think our readers, as well as past and present Debtmerica LLC customers from the other states where Debtmerica LLC operates, should be asking why their Attorney Generals haven’t looked into this case.

Anyone who feels they have been victimized should contact their state’s Attorney General, and feel free to link to this story or the original pdf document from the New York Attorney General’s Assurance of Discontinuance. Here is a list of all 50 states Attorney General’s contact information.

As each state’s statute of limitations can differ, if you feel you were even a past victim of Debtmerica LLC’s predatory practices as described by the New York Attorney General, you should contact your state’s Attorney General and file a complaint. You may be able to get at least part of your money back.

Your state may already have an open investigation similar to Florida Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance who is specifically looking at the New York A.G.’s handling of Debtmerica LLC’s predatory practices. If this is the case, you may be able to assist in or become part of those investigations.

If the New York Attorney General’s document mysteriously disappears like so many others not flattering to Debtmerica LLC, or for that matter any of Jesse Stockwell’s companies, we have archived a version on our website available here.

Before we begin analyzing the Attorney General’s Assurance of Discontinuance with Debtmerica LLC, we want to make it clear that Debtmerica LLC does not appear to be perpetrating on their current customers their previous predatory practices which were uncovered by the Attorney General. However, what about the customers of the other 49 states who were subjected to the predatory practices previously exhibited by Debtmerica LLC? Don’t they deserve restitution by Debtmerica LLC also?

Next, does any one of our readers believe that Debtmerica LLC would have paid any restitution to any New York resident if it hadn’t been for the action taken by the New York Attorney General? Let us ask this a different way, has anyone outside of the State of New York received a dime in restitution from Debtmerica LLC?

All one has to do is to look at Jesse Stockwell’s father’s words published all over the web:

“I am embarrassed by the way my son made his wealth, and from whom he made it.”  

The history of Jesse Stockwell shows a long and detailed history of similar “predatory acts” starting with their first company:

  1. “Coins that Care”, that he created to exploit the 9/11 tragedy. He and his company were forced to close by the New York Fire Fighters and/or their widows for trademark and copyright infringements when they used, without authorization, the now famous symbol of the Fire Fighters raising the flag on the Trade Center’s rubble.
  2. “LendingPoint Mortgage Corporation LLC” , a junk mortgage company that closed shortly after it, along with other companies in the same dirty industry, almost bankrupt the United States
  3. Debtmerica LLC“, is what this story is all about. Found by the New York Attorney General to be a predatory company. Accused of taking a second bite of LendingPoint’s customers after their homes were foreclosed on.
  4. Optima Tax Relief LLC“, appears to have been founded as the ever-tightening noose is closing on the Debt Consolidation Industry. This and other so-called Tax Relief Companies are already becoming targets with warnings about their practices coming from the IRS and news outlets like Fox Business News.
  5. LoanNow LLC“, does not cater to those with outstanding credit. This appears yet another business targeting Jesse Stockwell’s favorite demographic: those in financial despair who can least afford LoanNow’s high rates. The address of Jesse’s companies are located in an area largely populated by Mexican-Americans. Interest rate of LoanNow (stated on their website, 49%-189%!! You might as well go to your local neighborhood “loan shark”. He’d probably give you a better deal. See our related story on LoanNow.
  6. “SuperMoney LLC” is Jesse Stockwell’s spin machine. If you examine the over-the-top, 5 star reviews on SuperMoney, you will quickly notice that they all sound strikingly familiar. Then, try to write a few negative reviews as we did. Within 24 hours, they disappeared without a trace or explanation.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story available shortly at and other Freedom Network news sites.

Do you feel you have you been a victim of a Debt Company, Tax or Credit Card, no matter? Be sure to see our exclusive story on Getting Your Money Back From Debtmerica LLC? which applies to all of these companies.

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