Is momentum building to Elect Judges in Massachusetts: Momentum is growing to Draft former Impeacher of Judge Shirley R. Lewis to head new effort in Massachusetts?

Will former members of “The Committee to Impeach Judge Shirley R. Lewis” draft the former head of their committee, Jesse E. Torres III, in order to get legislation passed in Massachusetts to elect judges, as do states like Texas, thereby ending their appointment by the Governor?

Judicial Overhauling

It’s past time to overhaul our Courts: from the Bar Association to the Appointment & Removal of Judges

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“The Committee to Impeach Judge Shirley R. Lewis” was the only citizen initiated Impeachment effort we could find that led to the successful removable of a judge. Thousands of Massachusetts citizens protested at court houses across Eastern Massachusetts. Near the start of the Impeachment effort, Lewis, who was a first justice in Barnstable Probate Court, was transferred to different probate Courts across Eastern Massachusetts. Wherever they moved her, buses came loaded with protesters to protest in front of every Court on which she sat.

Over 40 full front page advertisements as well as radio advertisements, campaign signs, bumper stickers and buttons, were seen everywhere in Eastern Massachusetts. It didn’t end there, the Impeachment effort made the major networks and was featured on CNN.

Mr. Torres even defeated an attempt by Lewis to shut down the protest against her, claiming that a Massachusetts Law did not allow protesters in front of a Court House.

Torres showed up with very sophisticated recording equipment and clarified the point that “Judge Lewis was either ignorant to the law, or was simply lying”. The law, which he read to the county commissioners, was only applicable if the protest was being made to influence a decision in a case before the Court. Torres pointed out, “Even though we sympathize with the litigants, we don’t know or care what case is before her. We want her Impeached, period.”  When it appeared that the county commissioners were hesitating, Torres added, “Any county commissioner who attempts to restrain the rights of our committee or any of its members, will be individually sued in Federal Court for civil rights violations, which would not allow immunity to county commissioners”.

The protest went on as scheduled. And as a personal message to Judge Lewis from Mr. Torres, a plane circled for an hour over the Court House flying a banner for her to see: “Impeach Judge Shirley R. Lewis”.

While Mr. Torres had no comment on whether he would head the new committee for the “Election of Judges in Massachusetts”, he did say it was long past due in Massachusetts, and in many other states.

This we will bet on: if Mr. Torres can be convinced to head this effort, Massachusetts Judges will be in for a fight that could well end over 230 years’ of tradition. Mr. Torres stated when asked if we should elect judges; “We can’t do a worse job than or Governors and President do. – It would be quite a statement to hear the cry in Massachusetts, Elect Judge…“. He was referring to the cry once heard by thousands of Massachusetts Citizens; “Impeach Judge Shirley R. Lewis”.
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