Judge Joseph Johnston and the 40 Thieves

Judge Joseph Johnston and the 40 ThievesWelcome to Massachusetts, a one party state, and one of the most corrupt states in the Country. In Massachusetts, it’s always about money, and in Massachusetts, politics is money, BIG money.

Breaking Story: Is Judge Joseph Johnston part of “Bundy Ranch?”

We were asked to do a “Readers Digest” version of our Investigative story, Judge Joseph F. Johnston: The Cowardly Lion of Massachusetts, so we wanted to start with what is on everyone’s mind, what the hell happened in the Justina Pelletier case? When you understand how Massachusetts politics works, it’s really this simple:

  1. Health Insurance Companies are almost guaranteed to NOT pay for the services provided by Boston Children’s Hospital’s psychiatry department when a competent medical diagnosis has already been presented.
  2. The Taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts don’t have an option, they have to foot the bill when the psychiatry service is Court Ordered.

It’s fair to assume that the only way Boston Children’s Hospital is going to keep the beds filled in their Psych ward is:

  1. With rich patients who don’t need insurance and actually buy into their psych evaluations, or
  2. By wards of the state where, by Court Order, the Massachusetts Taxpayers foot the bill.
  3. Let us not forget that Dr. Biederman’s disciples, Dr. DeMaso, Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, Dr. Deborah Waber and more, will all be out of work if those beds aren’t filled.

So the question becomes, if there are a limited number of rich patients, how do you get children into those empty beds thereby keeping the Doctors employed as well as getting the Taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to foot the bill?

Pretty much everyone knows Massachusetts is the home of world renowned universities like Harvard, MIT and  Tufts. There are also what are believed to be some of the world’s finest hospitals, like Massachusetts General and Boston Children’s Hospital. It stands to reason that the universities produce the Doctors and Lawyers and are affiliated with the Hospitals.

Have you ever heard of “Ring Knockers”, the expression given to West Point and Annapolis graduates? It refers to graduates of those schools who knock their rings as a sign that they are a cut above other officers.

Judge Joseph P. Johnston, courtesy of ItemLive.com

Judge Joseph Johnston

Do you think Harvard Graduates are exempt from such practices? Perhaps Judge Joseph Johnston, a graduate of Fitchburg State College, may have been a little intimidated by all of those doctors from Harvard.

Doctors like Dr. David R. DeMaso, head of Boston Children’s Psych Ward and his known associate, Dr. David Biderman, of questionable character. Let us not forget Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich and Dr. Deborah Waber of Boston Children’s Psych Ward who are also known associates  of  Dr. David Biderman.

Dr. David Biederman, the 'Pusher Man" forces drugs on children

Dr. David Biederman

It would be hard for anyone who reviews the facts not to conclude that Boston Children’s Hospital needed to fill their Psych Ward Beds otherwise Doctors DeMaso, Gonzalez-Heydrich and Waber would probably be looking for work.

If you’re like us, you’re probably asking yourself if the good Doctors of Boston Children’s Hospital had some valid medical reason for kidnapping Justina, right? Then remember history, back in the 30’s and 40’s, it was a sound psychiatric practice to perform lobotomies and electric shock treatments.

Scarlet Letter

Scarlet Letter

Once upon a time, ironically in Massachusetts, we shunned and placed in stockades, or even tarred and feathered, those who committed acts similar to these. While this Nation is long past due for a full and complete Judicial Overhauling, we have to take a stand. It’s time to call out those who put their enrichment ahead of the medical needs of a child.

We need to march in the streets in front of their homes for their neighbors to see just who their neighbors are. We need to show them, and those who would  follow,  there is, and will be, a price to pay no matter how deep in the shadows they lurk. They can no longer hide behind closed Courts and their stooges gag orders. The public will find out and will not be silenced.

Dr. David R. DeMaso

Dr. David R. DeMaso

If you have questions of Dr. DeMaso or would like to let him know your opinion, he can be contacted at Boston Children’s Hospital at 800-711-4644. If you know Dr. DeMaso’s home phone number or his address, you can send it to us anonymously via our contact page.

Dr. Deborah Waber can be reached at her office at 617-355-6523. If you know her home phone numbers or address, you can send it to us anonymously via our contact page.

 Dr. Deborah Waber

Dr. Deborah Waber

Dr. Deborah Waber can be reached at her office at 617-355-6523. If you know their home phone numbers or address, you can send it to us anonymously via our contact page.

Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Haydrich

Dr. Joseph Gonzalez

Dr. Gonzalez can be reached at his office at 617-355-6680. If you know their home phone numbers or address, you can send it to us anonymously via our contact page.

While Judge Joseph Johnston certainly deserves the name “The Cowardly Lion of Massachusetts” as he appears to have been intimidated by those lofty Harvard Degrees, let us not forget those who would benefit most from what happened to Justina Pelletier.

If anyone has any information about the Social Workers and Attorneys in this case, please send it anonymously using our secure Contact Us Page. We are about to release another story about the Massachusetts State Police investigating citizens who made negative comments about Judge Joseph Johnston, the Doctors, Attorneys and Social Workers.

Before you contact us, or comment at this or at any website, be sure you know how to protect your anonymity. We offer some of the best anonymity software available anywhere. We commissioned a world class Senior Computer Scientist who worked at a Los Alamos Think Tank. It’s extremely user-freindly and best of all, it’s free! If you don’t have the time, we can configure it for you for a small fee.

Please be safe online and don’t be silenced, read our Security Guide and check out our Security Packages before leaving any comments on the web. When you see our story on the lengths the Massachusetts Courts and their enforcement arm, the Massachusetts State Police are going to silence you, you will know why.

Please see the full investigation story Judge Joseph F. Johnston: The Cowardly Lion of Massachusetts and Part I: Judge Joseph Johnston: Yet another bad Massachusetts Judge?

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