Judge Christopher J. Muse: You can’t make this stuff up!

If we considered our website a late night talk show, Judge Christopher J. Muse would be a never ending fountain of material. We have actually created a new section; ‘Say What?‘ which was inspired by Massachusetts Judge Christopher J. Muse. Judge Muse’s words on his inner feelings, openly expressed on the record, have become legendary:

 My family life is irrelevant. My judge and law life is very important. –
[Transcript C, Pg. 7, 4-5]



Judicial Abuse

Judge Christopher J. Muse is fast becoming the Poster Boy for Judicial Overhauling

Judge Muse never fails to amaze us. We need to check to be sure his middle initial isn’t ‘H’ for hubris. I guess when your main audience is attorneys, it doesn’t matter what you say on the record. Let’s face it, if attorneys pi**ed off a judge, they’d lose cases, and that means losing business.

Breaking Story: Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Judge Christopher J. Muse Published by Feds

As Judge Muse makes clear, it’s all about the money. Here’s an example: the Plaintiffs before him in Torres v. Torres are Pro Se, declared legally broke and used Quicken WillMaker to write a Will. The Defendant, Sophie J. Torres asks her son, the Plaintiff Jesse E. Torres III, to use “that program” he used to write his Will, and write one for her. Judge Muse:

THE COURT: There’s a problem. Don’t you think that’s kind of a problem that you’d be using a computer-generated something for a third person? You drafted a will for your mother. MR. TORRES: No your honor. I just ran the keyboard. THE COURT: Same Thing – [Transcript C, Pg. 7, 24-25;  Pg. 8, 1-4]

We would want to ask Judge Christopher Muse for a ruling here; if Jesse was acting as an attorney in this case, was he acting as an accountant when he used Turbo Tax to do his mother’s, Sophie J. Torres’, tax returns each year? Even more telling, the Will, which took two waterfront lots away  from the Plaintiff,  was handed to the Defendant specifically to be reviewed by her estate Attorney, Katheryn Wilson.

It’s about the money. What leaves no room for doubt, is that when you know Judge Christopher Muse’s feelings about his law life (bar membership?) being more important than his family life, and what he said on the record, it would be impossible ‘for the rest of us’  to not conclude, it’s all about the money for the attorneys:

THE COURT: What do you think lawyers do? We run keyboards and then we look at it and fill in the blanks and then we say this is a good will for you, and you get the money from the client. [Transcript C, Pg. 8, 6-9]

News flash for Judge Christopher Muse: Just about every non-attorney in the country knows just what attorneys do, and for the overwhelming majority of attorneys, “it’s about the money”. – We told you, you can’t make this stuff up.

While this is a funny story, as long as it isn’t you in Judge Muse’s sights, we have an epidemic in this country that has allowed us to produce more attorneys than engineers and scientists. Our Constitution says nothing about a “Bar Association”. The Bar Association is about economics. If you doubt that, just look at what the Bar Association spends on lobbyists and elections. It is long past due that we fundamentally change the way we place Judges on the Bench and that we provide safeguards to remove the bad ones. Until we cut off the cancer that has afflicted the majority of attorneys, greed, we will no longer be a country of achievers and builders, we will be a country that produces only those who feed on innovators, and the food is running out.

We could follow Shakespeare’s advise and, “kill all the lawyers”, or we could change the law so that, “Loser Pays“.

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