Committee forming to legislate a modified Missouri Plan to appoint Judges in Massachusetts

Based on the exclusive story at obamamuscles.comMassachusetts Judges: Impeachment, Election, or Modified Missouri Plan?

Breaking Story: Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Judge Christopher J. Muse Published by Feds

Judicial Overhauling

It’s past time to overhaul our Courts: from the Bar Association to the Appointment & Removal of Judges

We have been reporting almost every day on stories about bad Massachusetts Judges. In the news daily are stories about other biased judges and judges legislating from the bench. We have reported on the results of the efforts to impeach Massachusetts Judge Shirley R. Lewis, and accusations of bias against Massachusetts Judge Christopher J. Muse. The web is filled with stories about the First Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Roberts and how he enforced ObamaCare, arguably in an attempt to protect the image of that Court by showing that his political allegiances were not a factor in his decision.

While we can understand that the election process has its shortcomings when it comes to Judges, the facts are, Judges are political. There are Judges that should never have been appointed, and in Massachusetts, like most states, there is no way to get rid of bad judges.

Let’s face it, our current way of appointing Judges isn’t working. There is a proposed plan in that excellent story on which goes through the pluses and minuses of the election of judges. The plan, by the Founder of the Committee to Impeach Judge Shirley R. Lewis, is a simple proposal to update the 74 year old Missouri Plan. It offers an excellent compromise that ensures the autonomy of the Judiciary, while protecting us from bad Judges. Mr Torres’ proposed the following updates to the Missouri Plan:

The vast majority of our Judges are people who try to be impartial and fair. Having said that, Judges and Attorneys in my opinion, will, the vast majority of times, circle the wagons if you go after one of their own. The real problem is, how to best get a qualified Judge on the bench while keeping the safeguards in place to be able to make a Judge answerable to their constituents. One thing is for sure, anyone, including Judges, will do a far better job when they know that they will be fired if they don’t do their jobs well.

Lastly, we all have to remember that the power we give a Judge, is for all practical purposes, absolute and unchecked. I have been through the Appeals process and won. This is a process far beyond the affordability and knowledge of the citizenry. That process is not, in my opinion, a solution to a bad judge who should be removed.

The modifications:

  1. The commission to appoint judges should be comprised by elected officials, three attorneys and four non-attorneys.
  2. The one year confirmation election should be kept in place.
  3. That by partition of 10% of the area of County, State or Country where the judge presides, a special election for the removal of a judge would be held.
  4. That by partition of 5% of the area of County, State or Country where the judge presides, the judge would face a recall election in the next general election.

Mr Torres also stated:

While the percentage for the recall elections can and should be debated, this plan offers both an independent judiciary and a means to remove bad Judges. It also has some very desirable side effects like putting judges on notice that they are accountable for their actions, yet a good judge never faces an election.

We highly recommend you read the full story at “Massachusetts Judges: Impeachment, Election, or Modified Missouri Plan?

Be sure to visit our Modified Missouri Plan Forum and help us all find a better way to appoint Judges in Massachusetts, one that insures full accountability.

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