Hyannis Attorney & Mashpee Town Moderator Jeremy M. Carter

Hyannis Attorney & Mashpee Town Moderator Jeremy M. CarterAccording to Attorney Jeremy M. Carter’s profile at Wilkins, DeYoung & Carter, he is a former FBI Agent, then he became a Mashpee Cop, then Mashpee Town Selectman and is now the Mashpee Town Moderator.

We have been able to verify all of Attorney Jeremy Carter’s credentials with the exception of his FBI references. We did find a Jeremy M. Carter listed in Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI but cannot find a picture or other evidence of who the agent is, just a name. We should say that we have no reason to doubt Attorney Carter’s Claim that he was an FBI Agent.

We do have a nagging curiosity that does puzzle us, however, and that is, why an FBI Agent would become a Mashpee Cop? We hope Attorney Jeremy Carter will himself explain that to our readers by contacting us or simply adding a comment on this posting. In fact, anyone who may have knowledge of those facts, we would also ask to comment. Again, we’re sure there is a logical explanation.

As Attorney Jeremy Carter is clearly a politician, we do feel that accurate information is essential to the electoral process, and as such, if we can’t fill in the blanks, we will file under the Federal Freedom of Information Act to find the answers.

As there are so many scams involving websites that say they’re rating sites but are actually lawyer referral sites, we felt to be fair to Attorney Jeremy Carter and our readers, we would use lawyers.com as a fair arbitrator of Attorney Jeremy M. Carter.  At lawyers.com he has a client rating of 2.8 out of 5.0 and 1 out of 3 clients recommends him. There were two comments listed below:

Rated: 2.3 of 5.0 – It is extremely hard to get a hold of him. Arrives late to court. He gets facts wrong. Needs to be corrected. He does not object as much as he should. When challenged by a superior attorney he backs down very easily. Does not try other ways to get evidence allowed in. Jeremy does have a good rapport with his home court judge that does help him – But only so much. He does not read all Emails – Some containing major evidence that gets over looked and never spoken of in court. He leaves loose ends

Rated:1.0 of 5.0 – His work was inaccurate,late, lacked key details, arrived late to court unprepared, annoyed judges, clients/attorneys, took action w/o my review, authorization, submit incorrect/inaccurate documents to court or to opponents attorney.Made decisions w/o my approval/against my approval. Did not conclude “found in contempt” charge against my former partner,he charged me approx. $5k, he deducted from my settlement, did not file appro/timely court docs. Failed to take critical legal action on my behalf

We have also picked up news stories here and here, where Attorney Jeremy M. Carter is accused of using his political connections to persuade Falmouth Police to enforce an unlawful No Trespass Order. After the story came out, the Falmouth Police examined the No Trespass, determined it was unlawful and refused to enforce it.

Be sure to visit the newest members of the Freedom Network, optimataxrelief.biz and jessestockwell.net.

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