Who is James Kimberly Torres (James K. Torres)?

This article is part of our Pro Se Litigant series, case: Torres v. Torres – The People

James Kimberly Torres, who referred to himself as the “Coronel”, was the son of the Defendant Donald F. Torres. He was also a twice convicted felon, who served time in the California Penal System, and like many felons, was addicted to weight lifting, claiming to bench press 320 lbs. Legal and emotional problems with “Jimmy” started at an early age. When he was 14, at his hearing in California, his father, Donald Francis Torres (Donald F. Torres) pleaded that his son not be incarcerated, and that instead, he be sent to live with his brother and sister-in-law, Jesse and Sophie Torres, in Massachusetts. It is alleged that Donald F. Torres often stated to family and friends that he believed his son was better off removed from the examples he set for his son.

While back in Massachusetts, even with the benefit of a structured and loving family, it was discovered that James was again involved in illegal activities. He was sent back to his father shortly thereafter.

Criminal Record; Incarceration:  James Kimberly Torres was convicted twice of drug related crimes. He had numerous D.U.I.s that led to his licence being suspended for many years. His record shows a long history of criminal activity. After a considerable investigation, the equivalent of an Arrest Warrant was issued by the Mexico Federal Attorney’s Office for the arrest of James Kimberly Torres for life threats against the Plaintiffs.

Torres v. Torres: The complaint filed by the Plaintiffs laid out in detail that Plaintiff Jesse E. Torres III had hired James K. Torres to make modifications and additions to his home in Baja Mexico. This was in light of the fact that James K. Torres had recently acquired a California General Contractors License and had told his cousin (Jesse III) he wanted to go “straight”. However, before completing 30% of the job, James Torres walked off the job, claiming it had become too hot in Baja to work, and never returned. It would be hard not to believe that James Torres did not return to a life of crime, as we found almost no construction permits in his name.

Extortion Begins? The facts are well documented that right after Jesse Torres III signed a lucrative contract in the computer industry, James K. Torres began his many attempts to extort some of those funds from Jesse Torres III. These threats were carried out in two countries and across three states. See the travel receipts for timelines here.

Escalation with Drinking & Drug Abuse: The complaint clearly states that as James Torres’ drinking and drug intake increased, so did his demands for money, which started at $7000 and escalated to a demand for $30,000. Finally, in midsummer, when Baja is deserted, he threatened to kill both Jesse E. Torres III and Jennifer J. Adams. This resulted in the Mexican equivalent of a Warrant for the arrest of James Kimberly Torres by the Mexican Federal Attorneys office, available here.

Our Conclusion:  The invoices, receipts for payment and cancelled checks on record left us no doubt that James Kimberly Torres was paid in full for every invoice he presented, up to and including the day he walked off the job. Yet he demanded he be paid additional funds for work never done, and that, we believe, meets the legal definition of extortion. Further support is that, as required by Mexican law, his every invoice was hand written, and his signature for payment (in full) for every invoice was recorded and signed by him. And there are corresponding canceled checks for every payment made to him. All these documents are available here. There is no doubt in our mind that James Torres was paid in full, even when his invoices contained items such as video games for his daughter (see for yourself).

Death threats and “The Godfather”.  The death threats took place when James Torres was staying with his father, Donald F. Torres (a Defendant in the court case), in Baja, Mexico. The threats included naming which members of Hell’s Angels (his apparent “prison buddies”) would kill the Plaintiffs if they weren’t out of Mexico in 30 days. He continued these threats until finally confronted by Baja Mexico Police, after which he fled Mexico.

The Defendant Donald F. Torres was the Godfather of the Plaintiff Jesse E. Torres III and liked being referred to as the “Godfather” after watching the movie of the same name.

Prison: James Kimberley Torres is a twice convicted and imprisoned felon. He reportedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. We have little or no doubt that his threats against the Plaintiffs were real, and that it could have been the Plaintiffs at the receiving end of that gun.

Sidebar: The Defendant Jesse E. Torres IV, (aka Jesse Stockwell, Jesse E. Stockwell) had lived with the convicted felon, James K. Torres for a significant period of time after his employment with an investment firm in San Francisco was terminated. It is alleged by his father that this period in his life had an extremely negative impact on him, as does his current association and infatuation with Jimmy’s father, the Defendant Donald F. Torres, who is an ex-patriot living in Mexico. Jesse Stockwell  (aka Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse E. Stockwell) is listed as the managing partner and founder of Defendant Debtmerica, LLC.

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