Police Coerce YOUR Social Security Number and add it to Secret Police Database.

Coerced Social Security NumbersThe New England Watchdogs have personally experienced a strange occurrence when reporting a crime; the responding Falmouth Police Officer asked for the victim’s Social Security Number. It appears that in Falmouth and other Police Departments across the U.S., when you report on, or are a victim of a crime, you will be asked for your Social Security Number by the responding Police Officer. This information is being used unbeknownst to the individual, to include them in new databases now being created by Police Departments across the U.S.

Neither the Falmouth Police Department, nor any Police Department, has the right to force you to give them your Social Security Number. At least not in the United States, (although under Obama and Holder, who knows anymore). Further, we believe that they have an obligation to inform you that you are not required to give them your Social Security Number. They know that the average person is nervous or on edge when being interviewed by the Police, so getting you to give them your Social Security Number is generally a simple task.

Once the Police have your Social Security Number, it goes into an ever-expanding database, the same one that contains criminal Social Security Numbers. And, like all Government Databases, once you’re in, you will never be removed. This begs some questions be answered:

  1. Why are the Falmouth and other Police Departments building a database with the Social Security Numbers of law abiding citizens?
  2. Why aren’t they disclosing that you are under no obligation to give them your Social Security Number and that this is strictly voluntary?
  3. In an age of identity theft, what safeguards are there on the handling of your Social Security Number, from the original paper, to its electronic image?
  4. What Police personnel have access to your Social Security Number? AI:”:re they Police Officers, Clerks, Secretaries or Temporary Workers? Remember, this is the age of Obama (NSA Scandal, IRS Scandal, etc., etc.)
  5. What training have these people had in protecting your most private information, information that unlocks the key to your kingdom; your very identity?
  6. Doesn’t this unfairly target Senior Citizens who are the least likely to question the Police?
  7. How do you get your Social Security Number and other ill-gotten information removed from the Police Database?
  8. With whom do they share your Social Security Number and other information?
  9. Don’t the Falmouth and other Police Departments have enough to do rather than collect and store coerced information from law abiding citizens?
  10. Where is the funding coming from to create and maintain this database of law abiding citizens?
  11. What other Police Departments across the United States are stealthily gathering Social Security Numbers and other information from their law abiding citizens?

We believe that a fair objective is to:

  1. Stop the Police from asking for a victim’s Social Security Number, or at least:
    • advise people that they are under no obligation to give the Police their Social Security Number, and,
    • when the person is a Senior Citizen, give them a three (3) day cooling off period along with a call on the third day to verify they are still OK with having their Social Security Number added to Police Databases.
  2. Have the Police destroy all of the ill-gotten Social Security Numbers and other information now in their databases, or:
    • have a simple process for a citizen to find out if they are in this database, and,
    • have a simple process to have their information permanently deleted from the database.

We are sending a letter to the Falmouth Police Chief Anthony J. Riello and other Cape Cod Police Departments, to allow them to answer these very fair questions and will report their answers here. Additionally we will be investigating this matter fully over the next days and weeks, so check in regularly here at US Watchdogs. If you have information about this story or other cities and towns that are also stealthily building a database of law abiding citizens and their Social Security Numbers, please post a comment here or contact us.

Reprinted with permission from newatchdogs.com

A follow-up to this story can be found at: “Victims of Crimes Secretly Added to Police Social Security Number Databases

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