“Good Old Boy Political Network” Alive and Well?

This article is part of our Pro Se Litigant series archives, case: Torres v. Torres –  Police Chief Anthony J. Riello & Jeremy Carter

Good Old BoysA copy of a certified letter sent to the Falmouth Police Chief Anthony J. Riello concerning Civil Rights Violations by the Department was sent to news agencies on August 9, 2011. Is this letter just the tip of the iceberg covering up a much more alarming question: is the “Good Old Boy Political Network” once again back up and running on Cape Cod?

The letter was sent by Certified Mail to the Falmouth Police Chief, Anthony J. Riello today after the author of the letter, Jesse E. Torres III, had a conversation with a Falmouth Police Officer raising concerns that the Falmouth Police Department was receiving and taking legal advice from a former Mashpee Police Officer and Selectman, Jeremy Carter.

The Letter states that it appears that the Falmouth Police Department was using Mr. Carter’s legal advice to make determinations of law on a case, and did so knowing he is currently the attorney representing only one side (the Defendants) in said case which is currently before Barnstable Superior Court.

The letter brings forth alleged Civil Rights Violations that the injured parties (the Plaintiffs in the case) warn will cause them severe losses if the Falmouth Police Department attempts to enforce illegal orders based on what appears to be at best, one-sided representations by Mr. Carter; further that this is a tactic that has been used before by certain Defendants in the case, of what the case’s Complaint claims is an international criminal conspiracy of eleven (11) years, across two countries and three states.

The letter further states that Police Officers are not protected by immunity and can be charged individually under Federal Law for any such violations. The following is one paragraph of the attached letter to the Falmouth Police Chief:

“We are not sure if you were informed by Mr. Carter that the parties on whose behalf the above-named Notices were served are the same parties involved in a Complaint currently being heard before the Barnstable Superior Court. This Complaint, filed on July 21, 2011, contains well documented RICO Counts including but not limited to, an international criminal conspiracy, that spans two (2) countries, three (3) states, Extortion, Coercion, Death Threats, Hells Angles, and involves a convicted felon and known drug dealer who distributed throughout the U.S. and whose suppliers were in Mexico, as well as Defendant Donald F. Torres, the alleged ring leader and a Mexican Resident. This conspiracy is also well documented with the Attorney General of Baja California North, Mexico, the California State Police and the California DEA and one party has even been indicted by the Attorney General of the State of New York.”

A copy of the full letter sent to the Falmouth Police Chief is available at: Certified Letter to Falmouth Chief of Police, Anthony J. Riello.

All of the Public pleadings and attachments in the case are available at the Barnstable Massachusetts Superior Court.

True copies of the case are available at:http://plaintiff.jetiii.com.

Reprinted with permission from www.newatchdogs.com

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